Who pays for the services provided by Careavan?

Careavan does not direct-bill insurance. Reservations are secured by a credit cardand patients can pay by card at time of service. At this time, Careavan does not accept cash or check.

A patient’s facility may pay for Careavan’s services if the resident contract or Level of Care includes transportation benefits.

How much notice do I need to give before a trip?

Same-Day and future reservations can be made anytime. With Same-Day service, we ask for at least a 2-hour notice, and all reservations are subject to availability.

What services does Careavan offer?

We specialize in medical transport with a wheelchair and ambulatory patients. Our entire fleet is capable of carrying all three service levels, giving Careavan more vans in more places. 

All services are non-emergency, meaning you should call 911 if it’s truly an emergency.

Can someone ride with the patient?

Yes. In fact, Careavan encourages an escort and does not charge any extra fees for a second rider.Caring for your loved one is the most important thing, and that can’t be done in a separate car where you’re made to follow.

How far can I travel?

Careavan’s network can get most patients from point A to point B, regardless of distance, even coast-to-coast. There is a per-mile charge for every trip. If you’re traveling further than 30 miles one-way, there may be a Long Distance Surcharge.

Are these really wheelchair vans?

Our vehicles are different, for a reason. We designed our vans to be low-riding, making entry and exit easier. Next, using rear-ramp loading, we avoid the high flying, high risk, hydraulic lifts. Because 85% of Careavan’s trips are wheelchair, we put Q-Straints and seatbelts in all the right places. 

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